"You Get What You Get Don't You Mummy?"

"You Get What You Get Don't You Mummy?"
"You Get What You Get Don't You Mummy?". Family food ideas for families who want to eat yummy food

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Friday 19th November 2010

Today has been soooo cold. I feel tired just trying to keep warm, so the idea of having dinner cooked for me, warms my cockles. Of course the children need feeding first, so after a load of junk at the junior social tennis club 'tuck', we call in for fish and chips on the way home. Just what is required at the end of a cold dark week. Naturally, we had to make sure they were OK, & nibbled on their tea.

Finally, the babysitter arrives and we are thankfully collected in the car by our host. There is nothing better than being cooked really good food by really good friends. The perfect evening.
We ate a beautifully decadent starter of king prawns dressed with capers and lime. Delicious. This was followed by a deeply aromatic chicken braised with Mediterranean flavours of tomatoes and olives, served with a stunning pilaf. Well done Mrs Mackey. The meal was finished off impeccably with tarte tatin and cheese.
We retired to the drawing room and with conversation becoming ore raucous we decided that the flavoured vodkas we brought round should be sampled. The innocent looking pink one was not at all innocent, however the sour cherry is now my new favourite tipple. A lovely night with lovely friends.

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