"You Get What You Get Don't You Mummy?"

"You Get What You Get Don't You Mummy?"
"You Get What You Get Don't You Mummy?". Family food ideas for families who want to eat yummy food

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Wednesday 17th November

Tonight is Rainbows and tennis night. We have 30 minutes post school, to do tea and get changed before we battle across Bramhall's traffic. My daughters friend is also with us, so there is much excitement.

Hot dogs (good quality frankfurters), are called for. The kids swallow these down with corn on the cob, grapes, carrot sticks and cucumber. a sure fire winner.
Adult tea is a old favourite.
Garlic cream pasta with prawns.
Heat a tablespoon of oil and add 4 sliced mushrooms to the oil with a pinch of salt. This helps to draw some of the liquid from the mushrooms. When they begin to soften add a clove of chopped garlic, cook gently for a minute or two and add a splash of white wine. Let this bubble away. Sprinkle in a good pinch of dried chilli. Add a good splash of double cream. Turn the heat down to low. Meanwhile cook 200g of pasta in salted boiling water.
3 minutes before the pasta is ready, add some frozen peas to the sauce, a good grating of parmesan, some chopped parsley and the prawns.
Drain the pasta, reserving a little of the cooking water. Add the pasta to the sauce. Stir and check for seasoning. Serve in warmed bowls.

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